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Eedi identifies what your child finds difficult and provides you with personalised notifications, reporting and insights that can help you, help them

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What you can do with Eedi

Notifications that work

Research-backed notifications that have been shown to improve results

real-time insights
Real-time insights

Understand where your child has difficulties and where their strengths are in real-time to have more effective discussions

personalised reporting
Personalised Reporting (premium)

Eedi prepares personalised topic-based reports with no additional work from teachers

personalised learning
Personalised Learning (premium)

Your child receives supporting materials based on their specific difficulties to help them improve

"It helps me support my child when they are struggling in a topic"

Mike Beech, parent

"Eedi keeps me in the loop on how my child is progressing in maths"

Jane White, Parent

How Eedi works for you

School / Homework

Your child completes small, low-stakes quizzes at school or at home


Your child can review model answers, receive feedback and videos to improve at any time


Our notifications and insights help you to encourage learning and engagement


Our topic-based reports provide you with analysis and talking points

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